Monday, 7 January 2013


Blackbox Manifold is an online poetry journal edited by Alex Houen and Adam Piette. Issue 9, published in December 2012, includes poetry by Sheila Black, Rocio Ceron, Ray DiPalma, Carrie Etter, Glen Frantz, Max Chiara, Anne Gorrick, Paul Green, W.N. Herbert, Kate Kilalea, John Latta, Tony Lopez, Erin Moure, Jal Nicholl, Philip Byron Oakes, John Peck, Ian Seed, Aidan Semmens, Samantha Walton, Joshua Marie Wilkinson and John Wilkinson. There is also a substantial feature on Peter Robinson. 
My poem 'Living Systems', originally commissioned by the University of Hull for A Colloquy of Poets 2010, is published in this issue.

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