Saturday, 20 June 2015


WOR(L)DS IN COLLISION is an exhibition of artworks intersecting with the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, currently on show at Byrne House (the base of Egenis) at the University of Exeter. The show includes work by Richard Carter, Sas Colby, David Connearn, Johanna Drucker, John Hall, Alan Halsey, Tony Lopez, Jaime Robles, Mike Rose-Steel, Suzanne Steele, Dan Wood and others. I went to the opening on Friday 12 June 2015, and so far as I can work out the company included Alan Halsey, Geraldine Monk, Regenia Gagnier, John Dupre, John Hall, Alan Munton, Steve Spence, Victoria Heath, Suzanne Steele, James Freeman, Ian Ground, Christina Burke-Tees, Maddie Dodds, Steve Spence, John Venn, Paul Martin, Lorna Wilkinson, Lucinda Carey, Frederick Cooper, Richard Carter and Dan Wood.

I've added some photos of the work, including my text animation More and More, a frame from Alan Halsey's Memory Screen, two individual facets from The Wittgenstein Vector by Mike Rose-Steel, Jaime Robles and Suzanne Steele, Looseidity by John Hall and Untitled by Dan Wood.

I'm grateful to Jaime Robles and Mike Rose-Steel who organised the exhibition -- it's great to see More and More, which is on loan from Bury Art Museum, installed so well.

The exhibition WOR(L)DS IN COLLISION runs until September 2015 at Byrne House, University of Exeter.