Friday, 1 January 2010


Since 2005, I've been working on a prose book called 'Only More So', building it up in sections, fitting in when I could around teaching in Plymouth. It is a large-scale structure composed in a strict form using a collage process, similar in a way to False Memory (1996, 2003), but the unit of composition in this book is the sentence, rather than a verse line. In order to make more rapid progress with this work I decided to give up my chair in poetry and take voluntary redundancy so that I could write full time. I went back to self-employment on 1 August 2009, and since then I have been working on this project and putting in various grant applications. I just heard in late December that 'Only More So' was approved for Arts Council 'Grants for the arts' funding beginning January 2010, so I can concentrate on writing right through 2010 and also free myself up for any freelance work.

Some Work-in-Progress from 'Only More So' has been published:

'Only More So' in Practice: New Writing + Art, 2 (2007) 145-148.

'The Hawthorne Effect' in  Wobbling Roof issue 1 (2009).

'Giant Steps' in the Dispatx issue Eminent Domain (2007).

'from Giant Steps' in Tears in the Fence, 50 (2009) 35-37.

'from Only More So' in Text 2, edited by Tony Trehy (Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, 2009) 34-41.

The most substantial publication so far is Darwin, one section (10%) of 'Only More So', a 44-page book published in a limited edition by Acts of Language, 2009. Darwin was reviewed by Ron Silliman in Silliman's Blog

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