Saturday, 14 June 2014


I was at this high speed colloquium, chaired and introduced by Regenia Gagnier, on Thursday 12 June 2014 to show some recent work and give a brief talk. The speakers were John Dupre, Meaning as Use;  Aron Vinegar, 'What is the logical form of that?' Wittgenstein, Gesture and the Arts; Jaime Robles, Verbal Entanglements: The physical aspects of language and its digitisation; Mike Rose-Steel, Tweeting the Roman de la Rose: digitisation, social media and constraints; Tony Lopez, 'This is a forensic sentence'; Suzanne Steele, Northern Exposure: digital transparency, embeddedness and the Canadian war artist; Richard Carter, Performing the Algorithm: Engagements with Digital Literature.
     Great to see so many Exeter people there including Lewis expert Alan Munton, the curator Cristina Burke-Trees, and Martyn Windsor from CCANW. Thanks to Jaime Robles and Mike Rose-Steel for inviting me to speak and for organising the event. The meeting was to explore future collaborative projects in philosophy, art, technology, english, hopefully right across the spectrum.

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